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Integrated conveying, printing, control and labelling system

We present our transport system which, together with the .JET printing system, the CCI control system, the labelling system and the TRZ traceability module, form a set specially designed to comply with the different traceability standards on the market.



Labelling and Control without Compromise

Introducing our TIC-ET dual tamper evident labeller, a comprehensive solution that redefines standards in the labelling and control process. Meticulously designed to provide secure and accurate labelling coupled with impeccable visual control, it is the ultimate choice for the production of reliable, high quality labels.

State of the Art Printing and Control


Equipped with an advanced .JET thermal inkjet system, it ensures crisp, high quality prints on every case. For visual control, cameras equipped with CCI software guarantee the accuracy and quality of the labelling. This combination of advanced technologies ensures exceptional performance at all stages of the production process.

Versatility and Efficiency in Production


Our TIC-ET machine boasts exceptional features, from a product pick-up unit that ensures accurate carton guidance to labelling verification sensors for impeccable quality. With an impressive production speed of 250 units per minute, this machine offers unrivalled efficiency, meeting the most exacting production demands.

Adaptive Flexibility and Ease of Use

Versatility is evident in its ability to accommodate a variety of case sizes. Its adjustable X-Y printhead supports and viewing camera allow printing and control on the side of the carton, while it is prepared for optional printing on the opposite side, offering flexibility in the design of the finished product. It also features an ejector with integrated receiving drawer for easy and efficient handling of the finished product.

Rigorous Compliance and Quality Assurance


It is not only an efficient machine, but also a reliable choice from a regulatory point of view. It complies with the most stringent regulations, including a 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 module, ensuring safety and compliance at every stage of the process. In addition, we provide full validation documentation, including DQ, OQ and IQ, to ensure quality and traceability on every unit produced.

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