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Full control of labelling

Total control of labelling: presence, identification, alignment and aesthetics of the label.
Verification of variable printing

Total control of labelling


Rigorous Labelling Supervision

Our CTE system represents an advanced solution specially designed to ensure total and precise control over every aspect of labelling. From presence to aesthetics, our system monitors every label, ensuring flawless labelling on every product.

Versatility and Precision without Compromise

CTE is a versatile solution, capable of monitoring all types of labels, whether glossy, transparent or other special labels. Equipped with a touch-screen control panel, it allows Ethernet connection of multiple cameras to monitor labels, back labels, collars, print presence, OCV/OCR, colour and much more. Its high accuracy, adaptable as needed, ensures reliable and accurate results every time.

 Prioritised Efficiency and Adaptability

Ease of use is a priority with this system; it can create a format in less than a minute, allowing for quick adaptation to changing production needs. Whether in black and white or full colour, it offers exceptional resolution to ensure clear and sharp visual monitoring. Its high processing speed, reaching up to 1200 units per minute, ensures fast and effective inspection without compromising labelling quality.

Connectivity and Compliance without Limits

Ethernet connectivity via our InvesNet device manager allows for effortless expansion and integration into other networks, providing a scalable and versatile solution for the changing demands of the industrial environment. To meet the most stringent standards, it includes an optional module that complies with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 regulations, providing an additional level of security and compliance, ensuring integrity and quality at every stage of the process.

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