Product control and inspection

Control and inspection of products during the packaging process. Special applications not covered by standard equipment.




  • The CIP control system, is designed for monitoring and control of processes in the packaging that is not covered with standard products.
  • Product inspection in thermoformers.
  • Control the number of cartons / bottles, products inside the box before sealing.
  • Vials inspection.
  • Color rings in ampoules.
  • Correct position and / or color of the cap.
  • Presence / absence of parts the product.
  • Touch screen control panel with possibility of connection via Ethernet of multiples cameras for different process control.
  • Hight precision (user configurable).
  • Friendly interface. Easy to use.
  • B/W or color, hight resolution.
  • Hight processing speed, up to 1200 unit per minute.
  • Ethernet connection, the system is easily extendable and compatible with other networks.
  • Availability module norm 21 CFR part 11 – Annex 11.
  • Documentation of validation is available DQ/OQ/IQ…).

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