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Integrated transport, printing and control system

Together with the .JET printing system, the CCI control system and the TRZ traceability module, they form a specially designed package for compliance with the various traceability standards on the market.



Unrivalled Efficiency

Our integrated transport, print and control system redefines efficiency in industrial production. Equipped with an advanced .JET thermal inkjet system for printing and cameras with CCI software for control, this system ensures exceptional quality at every step of the process.

State-of-the-art printing technology

For printing, our system employs .JET thermal inkjet technology to ensure a crisp, high quality print on every case. With production speeds of up to 250 units per minute, this system guarantees efficient and accurate production, meeting the highest industry standards.

Accurate Control and Reliability

Control is carried out by cameras equipped with CCI software, providing meticulous supervision of each case. In addition, the product pick-up unit, integrated by a set of upper and lower belts, ensures the correct and safe transport of the cases, optimising operational efficiency.

Flexibility and Customisation

The system offers great versatility with adjustable X-Y mounts for both the printhead and viewing camera, allowing precise printing and control on the side of the case. In addition, there is a provision for optional printing on the opposite side, providing flexibility for a variety of design needs.

Technological Innovations for Non-Stop Production

With software-adjustable speed motors and automatic carton height adjustment, this system ensures uninterrupted production and precise settings for each carton. The mobile platform for printer and camera makes it easy to change carton widths with a single adjustment, while the automatic height adjustment ensures hassle-free set-up.

Compliance and Confidence Guaranteed

To meet the most stringent regulations, the system includes an optional 21 CFR part 11 – Annex 11 module, ensuring compliance and security in every operation. In addition, we offer full validation documentation, including DQ, OQ, IQ and more, providing the confidence and peace of mind you need at every stage of the process. With our integrated system, your production achieves a superior level of efficiency and quality without compromise.

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