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Software for global traceability

It provides all the necessary elements for compliance with traceability standards at line level and the possibility of extension to higher plant and corporate levels.


TRZ System

In order to comply with the traceability and anti-counterfeiting rules for medicinal products in force, each box must be marked with a unique number (serialisation) and in some cases each grouping must be labelled with a barcode indicating the products contained inside (aggregation).

Invescontrol’s proposal to comply with the different regulations

In order to offer a modular and scalable product that allows compliance with the current standards in force and easily adaptable to future ones, Invescontrol has developed the TRZ product which, through its different modules, provides all the necessary elements for compliance at line level and the possibility of extension to higher levels of plant and corporation.


  • Software designed for compliance with the different standards for full traceability of the medicinal product (CE, USA, Korea, China, Turkey, Brazil, etc.).
  • Verification of the different parameters depending on the type of traceability (fixed code, incremental, repetition control, product out of range, …).
  • Introduction from a single point, of the different batch data (batch, expiry date, …) to send to the different devices (printer, control system, …).
  • Possibility to register/cancel products by means of a manual code reader.
  • Reconciliation of production at the end of the batch.
  • Storage of real-time production in a relational database.
  • Possibility of export to external database.
  • Generation of reports by batch, exportable in different formats (PDF, XML, …).
  • Consultation of the data of the different batches from the operator panel.
  • Security of stored data through backup/restore function.

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