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Online 1D and 2D Code Verification System

The CCB-V verifier is the first online barcode verifier compliant with ISO/IEC 15416 and ISO/IEC 15415, capable of verifying up to 10 codes per second for 2D codes, and up to 20 per second for 1D codes.



Barcode Verification Innovation

CCB-V stands out as the first in-line barcode verifier to meet stringent ISO standards. This innovative technology redefines the standards of accuracy and speed in barcode verification, offering an unprecedented solution for the industry.

Uncompromising Speed and Accuracy

The CCB-V verifier offers astonishing speed in barcode verification, with the ability to verify up to 10 codes per second in 2D format and 20 per second in 1D format. This exceptional speed does not compromise product accuracy, ensuring that every code is accurately verified without slowing down production.

The CCB-V verifier is the first ISO-compliant in-line barcode verifier, verifying up to 10 codes per second (2D) and 20 per second (1D). It ensures product accuracy without slowing down production. Provides detailed reporting, advanced diagnostics and real-time data access. Integrates seamlessly with InvesNet for regulatory compliance and easy data import/export.

Detailed Information and Real-Time Access

This verifier goes further by providing detailed reports and advanced diagnostics. Users have access to real-time data, enabling instant monitoring and decision making based on up-to-date information. This ability to obtain detailed information in real time significantly improves operational efficiency.

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