In-line 1D and 2D Code Verification System

The first in-line barcode verifier compliant with ISO/IEC 15416 and ISO/IEC 15415, capable of verifying up to 10 codes per second for 2D codes, and up to 20 per second for 1D codes.




  • The first ISO-compliant online barcode scanner.
  • Capable of verifying up to 10 codes per second for 2D codes and up to 20 per second for 1D codes
  • Provides detailed reports, advanced diagnostics and 100% verification of all 1D and 2D codes, without slowing down production lines
  • Includes the 45 degree lighting fixture attached to the reader, ideal for codes on flat labels.
  • Easy access to verification data in user-defined reports, with the ability to aggregate it over time to identify trends over hours, days or even weeks
  • The integration with the InvesNet software, allows the control of users, complying with the 21CFR Part 11 of the FDA or Annex 11 of the EC, as well as importing or exporting data with the rest of the devices.
  • It complies with ISO standards:
    – 1D codes: ISO/IEC 15416
    – 2D codes: ISO/IEC 15415


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