Blister filling control

Control of conformity (color, dimensions, integrity, shape, product, product …) of the product (tablet, capsule, gelatin …) in all types of support (ALU-ALU, PVC, PVDC …).




  • Giga Ethernet camera, color, high resolution.
  • Up to 290 x 190 mm. inspection area (standard ilumination), expandable with custom ilumination.
  • High processing speed, over 600 images per minute.
  • Controls: color, area, perimeter, dimensions, notches, extra product, spots, foreign product, vagrant product.
  • Any type of supports: white PVC, transparent PVC, aluminum.
  • Products: capsules, pills, gel pills, mono-color, bi-color, bi-face, multiproduct.
  • LED ilumination.
  • Ethernet connection, possibility of expanding the number of controls (barcode, OCV / OCR, labels, etc.) with the same touch screen operator panel.
  • Graphic interface, easy to use. Guided creation of format.
  • Availability module norm 21 CFR part 11 – Annex 11.
  • Documentation of validation is available DQ/OQ/IQ…).

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